No m'he pogut estar de fer-ho....

Les botigues a la tele de matinada són els meus programes de tele preferits…


Hi ha coses a Myanmar la mar de curioses. Ahir vam al.lucinar amb el “TeleTAC” que gasten. Anavem de l’aeroport (NO HI HAVIA NINGU EN TOT L’AEROPORT! Van obrir les llums per nosaltres, i era a mig mati!) cap a l’hotel. El taxista agafa el bitllet per pagar el peatge, obre la finestreta, i sense parar i tocant el claxon, li passa a un que l’esperava. Les paletes mata-mosques son

Google bombing per Martin Luther King

Llegeixo al bloc del Ricardo que cal un google bombing per treure una web racista (MartinLutherKing org) de les primeres posicions en la cerca de google. Més informació a: Per tant, els links corresponents: Martin Luther King La web Oficial Martin Luther King La wikipedia Martin Luther King Martin Luther KingEl Nobel Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King Martin Luther King

Viagra Automated Script

Viagra is a small python script, in fact is just a kick and dirty hack right now, that automates all the enhancements to Fedora described in this pages. Right now has just a text interface, it will have a GTK interface shortly. It is released under the GPL. If you want to make any enhancement do not hesitate to contact me, I will continue working on it and would


NTFS Support You can add NTFS support via 2 different ways. NTFS-3G, a user space program (available on Extras), or via a kernel module (kmod-ntfs) available on Livna. NTFS-3G NTFS-3G is a user space file system that provides NTFS suport. To install simply: yum install ntfs-3g To mount a filesystem, f.e. /dev/sda3 on /mnt/ntfs use: ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /mnt/ntfs Yum plugins There are some interesting plugins for yum that can make


VPN access – PPTP I need to have pptpclient in FC6 to connect to my work. As of today (29/Oct) has not been updated to support FC6, at least in the web, but the packages are already available. To install pptpclient: rpm -ihv This will add a couple repositories with PPTP tunnelling software. Then: yum –enablerepo=pptp-stable install pptpconfig will install anything needed to create PPTP VPNs.

Fedora Core 6 Installation Notes

I’ve started documenting my FC6 installations: Carlesm’s » Fedora Core 6 Installation Notes


Updated 11/Nov/2006: Changed totem-xine package for mozilla. Seems that livna is changing things in how to install totem and so. MP3 audio support Video support (DiVX) Flash support Acrobat Reader K3B Extras MPlayer MP3 audio support Due to licensing problems Fedora Core doesn’t install any MP3 codec. As there are still people posting podcasts with MP3 format instead of OGG, some free content with MP3, and so. And I’m too


You have 2 options concerning repositories, you can add some compatible repositories to Extras ( or you can switch to some other repositories that are not compatible with Extras (Dries, Dag, et al.). Compatibles with Extras Right now I use repository. It’s compatible with Fedora’s Core and Extras repositories. To add it simply install: After installing livna (as of 25th Oct.) I experimented some problems concerning some weird