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  1. Dear Client,
    Royal Bank Financial Group audit department has detected a problem with transactions in your account. An amount was deposited and withdrawn by our accounting system. We warn you of this error so that you are not surprised when you see these transactions on your monthly statement. No Transaction expenses occurred. Never reveal your personal information on a site other than the RBC secure site. If you noticed another error, contact your institution during opening hours.
    We encourage you to connect to your account and verify your transactions by clicking here
    Be assured that RBC makes every effort to protect our internet users
    Royal Bank Finacial Group thanks you for your business and appreciates your comprehension
    RBC Financial GroupSecurity Advisor

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  2. This site (carlesm.com) was hacked (via a bug in activecollab, a PHP collaboration software),  and a scam/phising software installed. Now
    the scam is removed, and authorities have been notified (and logs provided to them) (it only lasted a few hours).

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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