You have 2 options concerning repositories, you can add some compatible repositories to Extras ( or you can switch to some other repositories that are not compatible with Extras (Dries, Dag, et al.).

Compatibles with Extras

Right now I use repository. It’s compatible with Fedora’s Core and Extras repositories. To add it simply install:

After installing livna (as of 25th Oct.) I experimented some problems concerning some weird dependency problems between totem and totem-xine. Right now I deinstalled totem (and rhythmbox) to continue setting FC6 sup, will come later to check what happens with totem

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  1. Hey there!! Yup I experienced the same problem.All ya gotta do is remove totem. Continue with the updates and then reinstall rhythmbox [if u havent already]! The system is up and running fine :)!


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