octubre 2006

More Updates...

A few more updates (yum, k3b, mplayer) and now is time to go to play some sudokus on my 770. If you want to play: http://sudoku.udl.cat/gpe.html you can download 32 every day in XML for gpe-sudoku for maemo or in PDF for printing them.


NTFS Support You can add NTFS support via 2 different ways. NTFS-3G, a user space program (available on Extras), or via a kernel module (kmod-ntfs) available on Livna. NTFS-3G NTFS-3G is a user space file system that provides NTFS suport. To install simply: yum install ntfs-3g To mount a filesystem, f.e. /dev/sda3 on /mnt/ntfs use: ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /mnt/ntfs Yum plugins There are some interesting plugins for yum that can make

Updated FC6 installation notes

I’ve updated Fedora Core 6 notes. I’ve added: acrobat setup, flash plugin (v7) and PPTP. The TODO list is getting shorter 😀 http://carlesm.com/fedora-core-6-installation-notes/


VPN access – PPTP I need to have pptpclient in FC6 to connect to my work. As of today (29/Oct) pptpclient.sf.net has not been updated to support FC6, at least in the web, but the packages are already available. To install pptpclient: rpm -ihv http://pptpclient.sourceforge.net/yum/stable/fc6/pptp-release-current.noarch.rpm This will add a couple repositories with PPTP tunnelling software. Then: yum –enablerepo=pptp-stable install pptpconfig will install anything needed to create PPTP VPNs.

Fedora Core 6 Installation Notes

I’ve started documenting my FC6 installations: Carlesm’s » Fedora Core 6 Installation Notes


Updated 11/Nov/2006: Changed totem-xine package for mozilla. Seems that livna is changing things in how to install totem and so. MP3 audio support Video support (DiVX) Flash support Acrobat Reader K3B Extras MPlayer MP3 audio support Due to licensing problems Fedora Core doesn’t install any MP3 codec. As there are still people posting podcasts with MP3 format instead of OGG, some free content with MP3, and so. And I’m too


You have 2 options concerning repositories, you can add some compatible repositories to Extras (livna.org) or you can switch to some other repositories that are not compatible with Extras (Dries, Dag, et al.). Compatibles with Extras Right now I use livna.org repository. It’s compatible with Fedora’s Core and Extras repositories. To add it simply install: http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-6.rpm After installing livna (as of 25th Oct.) I experimented some problems concerning some weird

Gnome Enhancements

One important thing is to “enhance” Gnome in some aspects. The first enhancement is letting nautilus open terminals in any place and convert images (using ImageMagick). yum install nautilus-image-converter nautilus-open-terminal


Repositories During installation you can select additional repositories (apart from Core, be it CD/DVD or FTP/HTTP). You have Extras configured but can add any repo you wish. Take into account that adding repos can make installation longer, specially if you do it over an ADSL line (like I do, and a slower spanish ADSL, thats a 1mb/300kb line).

Fedora Core 6 Installation Notes

As usual Fedora installation is no so straightforward as it could be, specially if you want MP3, DiVX, and so. To have some annotations on what to do to complete it here are my personal notes. Installation Repositories Gnome EnhancementsNetworking Multimedia: MP3, DiVX, Flash, Acrobat Reader System If you want to make some of the steps from above easily: Viagra.py is a Python script I’m writing to automate all the