març 2006


After installing Fedora Core 5 we have a lot of software already available, thanks to Fedora Extras. But unfortunately some software is not packaged by Fedora Extras guys, so we can add a few extra repositories to increase the available software to install (and to increase the possibilities of breaking everything for a dependency problem). The repositories I recomende are: FreshrpmsDries And adding Livna and ATrpms, but both disabled by


MP3 codecs installation.Due to licensing problems Fedora Core 5 doesn’t install any MP3 codec. As there are still people posting podcasts with MP3 format instead of OGG, and I’m too lazy to convert all the podcasts, I have to install MP3 codecs. For XMMS-MP3 suport we can get xmms-mp3 from As of this writing: is the latest version. Video Codecs Due to licencing problems (deja vú?) FC5

Gnome Enhancements

Just for hackers First of all install terminal launch capabilities for nautilus. I cannot get used to having to go to the menu to launch Terminal. yum install nautilus-open-terminal Once installed you must restart nautilus (that implies login out and  in again into Gnome). The marvel: The deskbar. One of the best enhancements of Gnome 2.14 is the deskbar. I can’t understand why it isn’t part of Core and it’s

Fedora Core 5 - Installation Notes.

In order to make all installations of Fedora Core 5 i’m supposed to make to friends and son a bit more  effortless than usual, and to have a place where to rembember that little kirks one must run after each installation, I’ll post here all the tips I discover. Gnome EnhancementsMultimediaRepositoriesJava

Fedora Core 5

Ja fa uns dies que vaig posar la Fedora Core 5 al meu PC de casa (l’avantatge de ser mirror oficial és que tens el Fedora uns dies abans de la publicació). L’he posat al de la feina (per provar les novetats de cara a usar-lo per la migració) i l’acabo de posar a un altre de la feina, entremig ha caigut un portàtil d’un amic (de moment amic, ja

Fraga i el 23-F

Llegint les notícies: Fraga llama "personas llenas de buena voluntad" a los golpistas del 23-F. Jo ja no se quina serà la següent?….