RSS al WC!! (PRKN)

I jo creia que al RSS no li treiem tot el potencial possible! Doncs ara ja podem:

Lector de RSS en paper higiènic!!!!

La “nota de premsa”:

TAIPEI, December 4, 2005 – Yi Tien Electronics today announced a breakthrough news delivery system for the restroom. At a press conference, Yi Tien Electronics unveiled the rsstroom reader™, an rss reader for the restroom which prints directly to toilet tissue through RapidResolution® inkjet technology. Complete with wireless connectivity, the rsstroom reader™ will print out up to the minute articles from rss 2.0 and atom newsfeeds. Configurable via web browser*, the rsstroom reader™ can be set up to output an unlimited number of feeds in either sequential, alternating, or random mode. Included with the rsstroom reader™ deluxe package is the biometric seat which allows for customized feed output based on the unique features of users. The biometric seat also allows for tracking & printing the progress of your weight-loss regime.

Yi Tien Electronics also announced the future availability of a commercial version of the rsstroom reader™, a more robust model intended for installation in public restrooms. The commercial model allows advertisers to place customized messages targeted to a specific audience through Yi Tien Electronics’ online subscription service.

* rsstroom reader™ control panel requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher on PC or Mac

Ojo que hi ha gent que té poca feina…

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